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Wnt Signaling in Stem Cell Maintenance and Differentiation in the Drosophila Germarium.


Waghmare I , Page-McCaw A . Genes. 2018 2 27; 9(3). pii: E127


Wnt signaling is a conserved regulator of stem cell behaviors, and the Drosophilagermarium has been an important model tissue for the study of stem cell maintenance, differentiation, and proliferation. Here we review Wnt signaling in the germarium, which houses two distinct types of ovarian stem cells: the anteriorly located germline stem cells (GSCs), which give rise to oocytes; and the mid-posteriorly located follicle stem cells (FSCs), which give rise to the somatic follicle cells that cover a developing oocyte. The maintenance and proliferation of GSCs and FSCs is regulated by the stem cell niches, whereas differentiation of the germline is regulated by the differentiation niche. Four distinct Wnt ligands are localized in the germarium, and we focus review on how these Wnt ligands and Wnt signaling affects maintenance and differentiation of both germline and follicle stem cells in their respective niches.