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4 new papers available on bioRxiv

Posted by on Thursday, January 4, 2024 in Lab News, Uncategorized.

Four new papers are now available on bioRxiv.

  1. Aubrie Stricker, M. Shane Hutson, Andrea Page-McCaw, Piezo initiates transient production of collagen IV to repair damaged basement membranes
  2. K. Elkie PeeblesKimberly S. LaFeverPatrick S. Page-McCawSelene ColonDan WangAubrie M. StrickerNicholas FerrellGautam BhaveAndrea Page-McCaw, Analysis of Drosophila and mouse mutants reveals that Peroxidasin is required for tissue mechanics and full viability 
  3. James S. WhiteJasmine J. SuElizabeth M. RuarkJunmin HuaM. Shane HutsonAndrea Page-McCaw, Wound-Induced Syncytia Outpace Mononucleate Neighbors during Drosophila Wound Repair
  4. Ivy HanLila S. NassarAndrea Page-McCawM. Shane Hutson, After wounding, a G-protein coupled receptor restores tension to epithelial cells in a dynamic inward-traveling wave