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Indrayani’s paper is accepted to Developmental Biology!

Posted by on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 in Lab News.

Post-doc Indrayani had her manuscript “Dally-like protein sequesters multiple Wnt ligands in the Drosophila germarium” accepted to Developmental Biology. In this paper she looks at the role of Dally-like protein and its role in modulating different Wnts in the germarium of Drosophila. Previous studies have shown Dlp to promote long-range Wg signaling, but little was known about other Wnts–specifically Wnt2, Wnt4 and Wnt6. In her paper, Indrayani shows these three Wnts are being sequestered by Dlp to inhibit Wnt signaling from cell to cell, and that Dlp controls the availability of these different extracellular Wnts.

Congratulations Indrayani!