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‘Olivares Lab’

Lab welcomes new rotation student

Mar. 5, 2018—The lab welcomes our new IGP rotation student, Tony Rossi! Tony is a native of Alabama and is currently looking for a home to do his PhD studies. Welcome!

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Lab welcomes first postdoc!

Feb. 5, 2018—Ramon Rios-Morales officially starts in the lab. A native of Puerto Rico, Ramon is coming to us from Steve Bell’s lab at MIT where he received his PhD studying DNA replication in yeast. Bienvenido!

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Double trouble rotation

Oct. 30, 2017—We are exctied to have Hope Woods (QCB) and Justin Lopez (IGP) start rotations in the lab today. Welcome!

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Lab welcomes first student!

Aug. 14, 2017—Nicole Kendrick officially starts in lab. Nicole hails from Florida with roots in New Jersey and and will pursue her Biochemistry PhD studies in the lab. Welcome!

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Lab moves to new space

Jul. 31, 2017—Lab move in progress! We will be located on the 6th floor of Light Hall, RRB side.

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Lab welcomes first member!

Jul. 6, 2017—Mohit Gandhi begins works as a Research Assistant. Welcome to the first member of the Olivares Lab!

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