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A new lysozyme from the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica, and a possible evolutionary pathway for i-type lysozymes in bivalves from host defense to digestion.


Xue| Hellberg| Schey| Itoh| Eytan| Cooper| La Peyre Q| ME| KL| N| RI| RK| JFQinggang| Michael E| Kevin L| Naoki| Ron I| Richard K| Jerome F . BMC evolutionary biology. 2010 ; 10(). 213


Lysozymes are enzymes that lyse bacterial cell walls, an activity widely used for host defense but also modified in some instances for digestion. The biochemical and evolutionary changes between these different functional forms has been well-studied in the c-type lysozymes of vertebrates, but less so in the i-type lysozymes prevalent in most invertebrate animals. Some bivalve molluscs possess both defensive and digestive lysozymes.

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