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Vanderbilt University Microbiome Society

The Vanderbilt University Microbiome Society aims to educate the local community about the microbiome and the field’s latest developments, to promote social and microbial diversity, and to help facilitate the distribution of fresh produce to underprivileged persons in Davidson County.

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Leadership Team

Asia Miller, Co-President & Founder

Vanderbilt University Class of ’22

Twitter: @Bacteriophasia   Email: asia.k.miller(at)




Dena Liu, Co-President & Treasurer

Vanderbilt University Class of ’23

Email: dena.g.liu(at)




Kevin Liu, Vice President

Vanderbilt University Class of ’22

Email: kevin.liu.1(at)




Max Beck, Outreach Chair

Vanderbilt University Class of ’23

Email: max.l.beck(at)





Seth Bordenstein, Ph.D., Faculty Advisor

Vanderbilt Microbiome Innovation Center Director; Centennial Endowed Professor in Biological Sciences