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If you’re interested in supporting the nonprofit research and education programs of the Vanderbilt Microbiome Initiative (501c3), please email the director, Dr. Seth Bordenstein, about how to donate. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Your donation, at any level, will empower microbiome students, faculty, staff, and community partners with the skills, tools, and relationships to make a positive difference with new knowledge, applications, and therapies. See below for suggested donation levels.

$500 Donation

Sponsor an undergraduate’s research project or their attendance at a microbiome conference.

$1,000 Donation

Sponsor a workshop to train undergraduate and graduate students in microbiome analysis.

$3,000-10,000 Donation 

Create a fellowship to support a graduate student’s research as part of the Microbiome Emerging Scholars Program.

$25,000-100,000 Donation

We must set big goals to make a positive difference in people’s health and disease status. A donation at this funding level will interconnect a top tier group of microbiome faculty, their trainees, and distinguished microbiome scientists from around the world to tackle questions on the role that diet and ethnicity play in shaping microbiomes, health, and health disparities.