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Top-Down Fabricated microPlates for Prolonged, Intra-articular Matrix Metalloproteinase 13 siRNA Nanocarrier Delivery to Reduce Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis


Bedingfield SKSean K , Colazo JMJuan M , Di Francesco MMartina , Yu FFang , Liu DDDanielle D , Di Francesco VValentina , Himmel LELauren E , Gupta MKMukesh K , Cho HHongsik , Hasty KAKaren A , Decuzzi PPaolo , Duvall CLCraig L . ACS nano. 2021 8 19; 15(9). 14475-14491


Post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA) associated with joint injury triggers a degenerative cycle of matrix destruction and inflammatory signaling, leading to pain and loss of function. Here, prolonged RNA interference (RNAi) of matrix metalloproteinase 13 (MMP13) is tested as a PTOA disease modifying therapy. MMP13 is upregulated in PTOA and degrades the key cartilage structural protein type II collagen. Short interfering RNA (siRNA) loaded nanoparticles (siNPs) were encapsulated in shape-defined poly(lactic–glycolic acid) (PLGA) based microPlates (μPLs) to formulate siNP-μPLs that maintained siNPs in the joint significantly longer than delivery of free siNPs. Treatment with siNP-μPLs against MMP13 (siMMP13-μPLs) in a mechanical load-induced mouse model of PTOA maintained potent (65-75%) MMP13 gene expression knockdown and reduced MMP13 protein production in joint tissues throughout a 28-day study. MMP13 silencing reduced PTOA articular cartilage degradation/fibrillation, meniscal deterioration, synovial hyperplasia, osteophytes, and pro-inflammatory gene expression, supporting the therapeutic potential of long-lasting siMMP13-μPL therapy for PTOA.