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Jamie Klendworth

Research Assistant, Biochemistry

Jamie Klendworth grew up in a small town called Crozet, Virginia. She received her B.S. in Biological Sciences from Virginia Tech in 2023. Whilst acquiring her degree, she was an undergraduate research assistant at Hanigan Lab, a dairy science lab dedicated to understanding nitrogen metabolism in the ruminant, thus leading to improved feeding efficiency, and reducing the environmental impact of dairy cows. Farm trials designed to track and understand amino acid transport in bovine mammary glands were her main priority, along with running the GC-MS. During her time here, she earned the title of GC-MS team leader, as well as an award for excellent leadership.

Jamie joined the Marnett Lab in October of 2023 as a research assistant. Currently, she is assisting with LC-MS analysis and cell culture assays, among other protocols/procedures, in order to contribute to the common goal of analyzing the enzyme COX-2, its products, and its substrates to discover its varying impacts on inflammation and the subsequent development of cancer. Additionally, she oversees general lab maintenance and administrative duties.