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Joza Schmitt, M.S.

Research Specialist

University of California, Merced, 2015
B.S. Chemistry
Middle Tennessee State University, 2018
M.S. Chemistry

Phone: (615) 343-1349
Fax: (615) 778-1414
Location: Cool Springs Innovation Park

Mailing Address:
Vanderbilt University/WCNDD
Cool Springs Innovation Park
393 Nichol Mill Lane, Room 1001
Franklin, TN 37067

Biosketch and Research Interests

Joza received her B.S. in Chemistry from University of California, Merced in 2015, where she conducted research under the tutelage of Dr. Meng-lin Tsao and former graduate student Shuo Chen (now Dr. Chen) involving a multi-step synthesis of a 2-naphthol tyrosine analog for a site-specific protein modification.

Joza graduated with her Master’s in Chemistry from Middle Tennessee State University under Dr. Scott Handy in the spring of 2018. Her thesis work explored aurone dye potential which involved the syntheses of novel aurone analogs, toxicity assays, and UV-Vis spectrometry analyses.

Joza joined the Lindsley Lab in June 2018 as a Research Assistant working on a collaboration between WCNDD and Ono Pharmaceuticals.