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NovelFam3000--uncharacterized human protein domains conserved across model organisms.


Kemmer DDanielle , Podowski RM Raf M , Arenillas D David , Lim J Jonathan , Hodges E Emily , Roth P Peggy , Sonnhammer EL Erik L L , Höög C Christer , Wasserman WW Wyeth W . BMC genomics. 2006 ; 7(). 48


Despite significant efforts from the research community, an extensive portion of the proteins encoded by human genes lack an assigned cellular function. Most metazoan proteins are composed of structural and/or functional domains, of which many appear in multiple proteins. Once a domain is characterized in one protein, the presence of a similar sequence in an uncharacterized protein serves as a basis for inference of function. Thus knowledge of a domain’s function, or the protein within which it arises, can facilitate the analysis of an entire set of proteins.