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Thrombin induces osteosarcoma growth, a function inhibited by low molecular weight heparin in vitro and in vivo: procoagulant nature of osteosarcoma.


Ichikawa JJiro , Cole HA Heather A , Magnussen RA Robert A , Mignemi NA Nicholas A , Butler M Matthew , Holt GE Ginger E , O'Rear L Lynda , Yuasa M Masato , Pabla B Baldeep , Haro H Hirotaka , Cates JM Justin M M , Hamm HE Heidi E , Schwartz HS Herbert S , Schoenecker JG Jonathan G . Cancer. 2012 5 1; 118(9). 2494-506


Procoagulant states, leading to activation of the coagulation protease thrombin, are common in cancer and portend a poor clinical outcome. Although procoagulant states in osteosarcoma patients have been described, studies exploring osteosarcoma cells’ ability to directly contribute to procoagulant activity have not been reported. This study explores the hypothesis that osteosarcoma can regulate thrombin generation and proliferate in response to thrombin, and that attenuating thrombin generation with anticoagulants can slow tumor growth.