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Stefanie Babilon (nee Nagel)

Summer intern, June-August 2010, Pharmacology

Steffi received her MS from Leipzig University, Germany, and is currently a graduate student in the lab of our collaborator Dr. Annette Beck-Sickinger.

Research Description

She is focusing on arrestin interactions with neuropeptide Y receptors, using arrestin mutants with enhanced and reduced ability to bind receptors, as well as receptor mutants with modified affinity for arrestin proteins.

Papers (collaborations with Annette G. Beck-Sickinger’s lab):

Walther, C., Nagel, S., Gimenez, L.E., Morl, K., Gurevich, V.V., Beck-Sickinger, A.G. Ligand induced internalization and recycling of the human neuropeptide Y2 receptor is regulated by its C-terminal tail. J Biol Chem 285, 41578-41590 (2010).

Gimenez, L.E., Babilon, S., Wanka, L., Beck-Sickinger, A.G., Gurevich, V.V. Mutations in arrestin-3 differentially affect binding to neuropeptide Y receptor subtypes. Cell Signal 26 (7), 1523-1531 (2014).

Mäde, V., Babilon, S., Jolly, N., Wanka, L., Bellmann-Sickert, K., Giminez, L.E., Mörl, K., Cox, H.M., Gurevich, V.V., Beck-Sickinger, A.G. Peptide Modifications Differentially Alter G Protein-Coupled Receptor Internalization and Signaling Bias, Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 53 (38), 10067-10071 (2014).