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Qianqin Guo

Qianqin majored in Neuroscience with minor in Studio Art. She is from Shandong, China. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and exploring different genres of music.

Qianqin joined the lab in January 2022 as a junior and worked until graduation. Qianqin constructed mutant arrestin-3-derived T16 peptides under the supervision of Drs. Vsevolod Gurevich and Sergey Vishnivetskiy. T16 facilitates JNK3 activation in cells by scaffolding the ASK1-MKK4/7-JNK3 cascade. Qianqin was testing what residues in T16 are critical for its scaffolding function and whether this T16 function can be improved by conservative substitutions. JNK family kinases are involved in neuronal cell growth and apoptosis. JNK activation by T16 nearly doubles apoptotic death of neuroblastoma cells induced by anti-cancer drugs.

In 2023 Qianqin graduated and joined Master of Medical Sciences in Immunology program at Harvard.