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Preethi Karnam



Preethi graduated in 2022, majoring in Neuroscience and Medicine, Health, and Society, with a minor in Anthropology. She was from Athens, GA and chose Vanderbilt for its numerous opportunities in medicine and research and a beautiful campus that was close to home. In her free time, she enjoyed dance, running, and exploring new restaurants in Nashville.

Preethi joined the lab in January 2019 as an undergraduate intern. She was working under the supervision of Drs. Vsevolod Gurevich and Sergey Vishnivetskiy, making and testing mutants of bovine and mouse visual arrestin-1.

Papers from the lab:

Vishnivetskiy, S.A., Huh, E.K., Karnam, P.C., Oviedo, S., Gurevich, E.V., Gurevich, V.V. The Role of arrestin-1 middle loop in rhodopsin binding. Int J Mol Sci 23 (22), 13887; doi: 10.3390/ijms232213887 (2022).

Karnam, P., Vishnivetskiy, S.A., Gurevich, V.V. Structural basis of arrestin selectivity for active phosphorylated G protein-coupled receptors. Int J Mol Sci 22 (22), 12481; DOI: (2021).

Vishnivetskiy, S.A., Zheng, C., May, M.B., Karnam, P.C., Gurevich, E.V., Gurevich, V.V. Lysine in the lariat loop of arrestin does not serve as phosphate sensor. J Neurochem,156 (4):435-444; doi: 10.1111/jnc.15110 (2020).


Unfortunately, Preethi passed away due to tragic car accident in India on March 18, 2023.