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Chen Zheng

Chen joined the lab as a post-doc in August 2016.

He plans to focus on work with mice expressing enhanced visual arrestin-1 to determine how far we can push the compensation for defects in rhodopsin phosphorylation with phosphorylation-independent arrestins.

He also plans to participate in biochemical and biophysical studies of arrestin-1 and other members of the arrestin family to elucidate molecular mechanisms of arrestin-mediated signaling.


1st place Vanderbilt post-doctoral poster award in 2019


B.S.: Biotechnology, Hefei University of Technology, China               Sep 2003 – Jun 2007

M.S.: Pathogenic Biology, Life Science Research Center, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Tianjin Medical University, China                   Sep 2008 – Jun 2011

Ph.D.: Nutrition Sciences (Cellular, molecular and neuroscience), Auburn University, USA               Aug 2011 – 2016



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In preparation:

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