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Meena Muthusubramanian

Alumnus, Data Scientist, Intel Corporation

Meena Muthusubramanian is a graduate student in the Data Science Institute (DSI) at Vanderbilt University studying for her Master’s degree in Data Science with a focus in data analysis, visualization, ethics in data science, machine learning and big data. Muthusubramanian serves as a graduate research assistant for the Drinking Water Justice Lab. Her work focuses on working with databases, web scraping from USGS, and the automation of inventories. Muthusubramanian received her Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Anna University, India. Muthusubramanian worked in Capgemini (Client- Morgan Stanley) for 2 years as a Software Engineer. Muthusubramanian was a member of  the Quality Centre of Excellence and Research team. Muthusubramanian is knowledgeable in R, Java, Python, C, and MySQL. Moreover, Muthusubramanian has extensive experience working with Rstudio and TestComplete and in the Eclipse, Protractor, and IntelliJ environments. Muthusubramanian is certified in Oracle, Java SE8, GNIIT Mobile, and Cloud Software Engineering. Once Muthusubramanian joined the Data Science Institute (DSI) at Vanderbilt University, she was very sure of utilizing her skills sets in research. She also worked with a genomics lab before joining DWJL.  Muthusubramanian loves to learn new technologies and implement them to solve existing problems.