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November, 2020

IROS 2020 Workshop: Compliant Actuation for Human Performance Augmentation

Nov. 23, 2020—One way to imagine human augmentation is to consider an energetically active robot that supplements muscle power with external energy. Another way to imagine human augmentation is to consider solely human-powered energetically passive devices; two examples are bicycles and ice-skates. In this talk, I will discuss the hidden potential of an emerging human-powered compliant actuation...

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Our recent work on a theoretical running exoskeleton was featured in the German edition of MIT Technology Review

Nov. 10, 2020—Our work was fortunate to have been mailed a copy of the May 2020 issue of the German language print edition of MIT Technology Review: Our recent work on the theoretical potential of passive exoskeletons for faster running was featured in page 20 of the News section, bottom paragraph. German Title: “Schneller dank Sprungfedern”, English...

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